The Story…

Back in the day, on the cobbled streets of Clerkenwell, Le Swine came about whilst James was working with his mentor Bruno Loubet in London for 5 years.

“After getting into work early one morning (to pilfer one of ze old man’s latest creations) I was blown away by just how good a bacon butty could taste! Unfortunately, Bruno was not impressed with his missing bacon butty, but after a few french profantities, he was encouraged by my excitement to take the ultimate bacon butty to the streets of London and beyond! So after a year of working on the butty and searching the country for the finest fat piggies, Bruno backed the business and we launched Le Swine!

Our porky blinders are served straight out of a beautiful sixties Austin Morris ambulance. Lovingly restored by hand in my Dad’s workshop. She’s a snouty show piece that raises a camera and smile wherever we go!

After a debut sellout weekend at Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival, feeding over 2000 very happy campers…Le Swine had begun its PIG PIMPIN story!”

The Food…

Our mission was simple…. to take the humble bacon butty to dizzy new heights…

A bacon butty like no other…each individual part, lovingly created by us …from our lightly toasted milk bun, to the bacon butter, our signature mushroom ketchup and ol’ fashioned middle bacon, sourced from the happiest and healthiest fat piggies the country has to offer! Don’t forget to add a fried duck egg, served as runny as you like!

Happy Pigs

When it came to the swine, we searched the country for the finest fat piggies! Eventually we were put in touch with a butcher up in Lancashire, this family run business has been kicking it since long before the 30’s…their pure breed pigs, Berkshire and Middle White can be traced back to the Victorian era! The philosophy of the farm is simple, they believe that happy and healthy pigs produce the most delicious pork! We are with them on this, as the old fashioned middle bacon we use, is quite simply the tastiest! Plus it’s nice to know, if we are going to eat meat, that it comes from small scale farmers who truly care about their animals. We are proud to support a more sustainable method of farming. From our packaging to our produce, the sustainability of our product is a big part of how we want to move forward with Le Swine.


We cater all types and sizes of private events! Whether it be late nights burgers and fries or post wedding brunch bacon butties and our signature Bloody Marys…we’ve got you covered!

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

Just email our events team with the following information when, where and approximate number of guests.

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We’re always on the lookout for passionate and driven people to join the team. If Interested in joining us, please send your cv with a little bit about yourself to

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Monday & Tuesday 11am – 2:30pm


Wednesday – Friday 8am – 2:30pm


Saturday & Sunday 11am – 4pm

A Special Thanks to…

“Finally, I would like to thank all my friends and family for their support along the way!  The help we received was truly humbling, so thank you all so much! BIG UP yourselves…Sophie F, Lucy B, Chiara, Malcom, Pete and the boys at the farriers, Rob, Angel Face, Harry, Bernie, Ben, Hannah, Brendan, Lia, Philsy, DMA, J, Howard, Jon, Jez, Keith, Scully, Steven, Jake, Richard, Little Tony, Neil, JQ, Alix, Danny, Phil, Horgan, Jack, Action Wes, Jo, Cath, Wicksie, Timbo, Kirst, the ever inspiring Bruno Loubet, my beautiful girl Alexia. Then last but not least… my lovely mother and amazing old man, who couldn’t of been more supportive since the day I left my job to sell bacon sarnies!” x